OSM Student Services Coordinator, Amy Stark, recently brought a group of graduates to the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists‘ office for a unique and stress-relieving experience.  The OBMT gave them the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the Practical Exam room and procedure, allowing time for questions from anxious grads preparing for their board exams.  We plan to make this opportunity available to graduating students on a quarterly basis.  If you are not a student at OSM, please contact Crystal Quatier directly to inquire.

While the office can be difficult to find – located in the back of the Center Street Plaza office complex – students who came for this event were glad to have practiced driving there before the day of the big test.  For those of you who live far away, perhaps a photo of the street view will suffice:

Street View - OBMT Office

Street View – OBMT Office

We were pleasantly greeted by Kate Coffey, Executive Director and Crystal Quatier, Examination Coordinator.  Crystal took us through the exam from start to finish, including your initial sign-in, setup of the exam room and the outline of the exam itself.  One student enthusiastically shared, “This is so great, I feel so lucky be here!”

The OBMT filmed a mock practical exam video for their website, released in early 2014.  Visit our State Licensing page to view the video and for a free Practical Exam Study Guide to learn what to expect on the Oregon Practical Exam.

Need some review?  Call 503-244-3420 to register for the following classes:

Board Review – Practical 4.5 Barck Garofalo Portland 06/27/2014 Fri 9am-1:30pm $110
Board Review – Kinesiology 4 Gerhards Portland 06/28/2014 Sat 9am-1pm $100

Looking for more information to help you apply for a license in Oregon?  Visit our State Licensing page for a handy guide and videos!

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