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The OSM Store carries an extensive selection to meet any LMT’s needs:
Table Products
Massage Lotions/Oils/Creams/Topical Treatment/Cleaners
Massage Tools
Books/Charts/References/Learning Aids
Table and Chair Rental

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Table Products

Massage Tables & Chairs
We offer a variety of massage tables that can be tailored for professionals, students, and home use.

Massage Tables Massage Chairs
Stronglite Earthlite
Earthlite Stronglite
Custom Craftworks

Our complete line of positioning bolsters comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions.  They are made with environmentally friendly CFC free foam and luxurious Natursoft TM vinyl.

Full Round Bolster (6 x 26)
Full ¾ Bolster ( 4 ¾ x 26)
Full Half Round Bolster (3x6x26)
Jumbo Round Bolster (9”)
Jumbo Half Round Bolster (4 ½ x 9 x 29)
Fluffy Bolster ( 8 x 26)
Neck Bolster (3x6x 13)
Neck Contour Bolster (3x14x11)
Comfort Bolster (3 x 18 ½  x 21)

Table Warmers/Fleece Pads
Our selection of table warmers and fleece pads are a great addition, adding warmth and comfort for your clients.

Earthlite Basic table warmer
Earthlite Element table warmer
Earthlite Basic fleece pad set
Earthlite Deluxe fleece pad set
Earthlite Fleece face cradle cover.

Massage Linens/Face Cradle Covers
Quality massage sheets sets in a variety of colors designed for massage tables.

NRG Massage Sheet Set
Individual Face Cradle Covers
Disposable Flat and Fitted Cradle Cover Packs

Massage Lotions/Oils/Creams/Topical Treatment/Cleaners

Massage Lotions/Oils/Creams
OSM has the largest selection in town. We carry in-stock a variety of professional products, specially formulated for bodywork. Sizes range from individual use to gallon.

Sacred Earth
Pure Pro

Topical Treatment
Sometimes clients need topical treatments; ranging from cold to heat.
Prossage Heat
Sombra Cool and Warm Gel
Cold/Hot Packs
Our cold and hot packs are great for a variety of applications. They come in specialized casings to provide flexibility, comfort, and lasting quality. (Includes removable flannel cover.)
Fomentek Bag
Theraflex Hot/Cold
Thermophore Electric Heat Pack
Lyflo Packs
BodyMed Hydro Hot Packs

Essential Oils
We offer a carefully selected line of essential oils from single notes.  All of our oils are sourced from organic quality ingredients and methods.
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang

Linen Cleaner
Our line of detergents is specially formulated to clean residue and stains from linens.
Orange Aid

Massage Tools

Therapy tool technology has advanced to save the hands of body workers and allow techniques for self care.  We offer a variety of tools designed to reduce muscle pain, target trigger points, and stimulate techniques for light and deep massage.

NMT Bar/Set
Index Knobber
Back Knobber II
Knobble Pressure Tool
Figit Acupuncture Ring
Mini Ma Roller
Oriental Health Ring
Still Point Inducer

Hot Stones
With an amazing ability to retain temperature, our Basalt stones are ready for immediate use.  In addition to many individual stones, we offer the La Stone set which comes with 40 stones.


Our collection of CDs provides the soothing sounds to accompany any form of bodywork.  CDs range in mood, evoking tribal drums to tranquil sound of waves.

Shenandoah Piano Solo
Earth Blue
Reiki Healing Hands
Liquid Silk
Yoga World
Nature’s Enchantment
Blissful Journey
Circle of Compassion
Meditative Yoga
Blissful Journey
Beauty Everywhere
Bringing Breath to Life
Reiki Forest
Zen Notes
Additional Titles

A complete source of DVDs provides an effective and convenient avenue for learning.  Bodyworkers can develop new skills with our diverse selection of massage modalities offered.

Nurturing Touch for Birth, Mastering Pregnancy Massage, Ayurvedic Spa Treatment, Master Chair Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Shiatsu , Deep Tissue Torso, Craniosacral, Advanced Myofascial

Sports Massage DVD – Real Bodywork
This comprehensive DVD includes more than two hours of techniques detailing 13 sessions and 10 injuries that will give you the tools to work with runners, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players and other athletes. Learn about the physiological principles that govern sports massage and the differences between each sport. The 13 sessions include a pre-event massage for runners, an inter-event massage for tennis players, and a post-event session for cyclists. The next sessions are detailed sequences for numerous common ailments. Each session is a complete treatment protocol that will help to keep your athlete in top shape, recover from injuries, and improve their performance. This DVD also includes information on stretches, sport psychology, diet, and how to set up a massage station at a sporting event. $49.95.

Books/Charts/References/Learning Aids

Durable charts, printed with clear, bright colors range from wallet size to full wall charts.  The charts display beautifully for professional presentations, classroom, or office.

Wallet Size
Foot and Hand Reflexology

Quick Study Guide and 8.5 x 11 Charts
Home Use Aromatherapy Chart
Rainbow Chakra Center
Chakra Tune-Up Chart
Circulatory System
Joints & Ligaments
Muscular System
Nervous System
Origin and Insertion
Skeletal System

Anatomical Posters
Acupressure Point Reference
Digestive System
Female Muscular System
Hand and Foot Reflexology
Lymphatic System
Muscular System
Nervous System
Points and Meridians
Skeletal System
Trigger Point Set
Vascular System


We offer a wide variety of bodywork resources, our assortment of books range from medical references, board review and testing, Mind Body Connection & Integration, Nutrition, and Massage modalities.  Required and recommended textbooks for the curriculum and continuing education are also available.

Table and Chair Rental

Massage Tables and On-Site Chairs are available for rent. You may keep the equipment for up to 7 days. A credit card is required for deposit. Please call at least one week in advance to reserve your table or chair.

OSM features massage tables and chairs from Stronglite, Custom CraftWorks and Earthlite. We also carry bolsters, stools, fleece table covers, table carts and other accessories.

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