Lisa Barck Garofalo LMT #3326
Lisa has been a bodyworker and massage therapist since 1991. She has a part-time practice and offers relaxation and clinical massage, as well as Reiki sessions. Lisa is currently Program Director for OSM and teaches Massage Fundamentals and other bodywork classes.
Jonathan Berg LMT #1363
Jonathan is a certified Hakomi therapist with a private practice in Northeast Portland. His focus is Hakomi-based Somatic patterning and massage. He is the OSM Clinic Director.
Margo Bowman LTC #1476, EA, LMT #3264
Margo is an accountant with over 60 years of experience. She is a nationally known speaker and author on tax law. As a regular presenter of workshops on accounting for the small business owner, she specializes in the financial issues of the self-employed. Margo was honored as Oregon’s Massage Therapist of the year for 2012.
Joni Brewer LMT #6605, LPN
Joni has been in private practice for the past 5 years. Her specialty is Ortho-Bionomy®. She has taught wildlife rehabilitation, computer programs and Sunday school. She teaches Anatomy and Physiology at OSM’s Salem campus.
Richard Butler LMT #6351
Richard has a background in video and television. He studied Reflexology in Brisbane, Australia and massage at OSM. He currently practices in SW Portland. Richard teaches Foot Reflexology and Hand and Ear Reflexology at OSM.
Carola DiLorenzo LMT #7253
Carola has been active in the healing arts for over 25 years. With a diverse bodywork background and many years of clinical experience, Carola infuses her teachings with skill and passion along with a reverence for the human body and spirit. She joyfully shares her knowledge, expertise, and sense of humor with her students and mindfully creates a space that fosters curiosity and the interactive exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Marian Dixon MA, CHt, LMT #3902
Marian Wolfe Dixon has been practicing and teaching massage since 1992. She is a nationally certified massage therapist and hypnotherapist with master’s degrees in psychology and health education, and a research fellowship in Complementary Medicine. Her SE Portland practice focuses on Medically Complex Patients (chronic pain relief, pre- and post-surgery recovery and MVA, and optimizing function in cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, TMD, Parkinson’s and other “intractable” conditions. Having lived with medically unexplained pain for over ten years, Marian knows how pain feels from the inside and aims to teach bodyworkers sensitivity and critical thinking along with ease and efficiency through classes in Massage Assessment and Application, Palpation Skills, Myofascial, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Massage and Qigong and Ethics. She is the author of Bodylessons, Body Mechanics and Self-Care Manual, and Myofascial Massage.
Nancy Earl LMT #7749
Nancy has extensive background in marketing, holistic wellness and effective communication techniques. Her passion is to inspire transformation, learning and deep interpersonal connection. Nancy was first licensed as a massage therapist in the late 1970s, is an OSM grad and currently teaches Massage Fundamentals, Hydrotherapy and Hot Stone massage.
Kirstin Feldman LMT #14558
Kirstin is a graduate of OSM and has been an LMT for over 15 years. She has practiced in a variety of settings, including the OSM LMT clinic, and continues to love massage. She is excited to be the new Fundamentals instructor. Kirstin has 2 kids, 2 cats, innumerable books, and loves to travel, even if that’s just to the nearest hiking trail.
Bonnie Fossek LMT #22202
Bonnie has been a licensed massage therapist for more than 20 years. She became a certified Craniosacral therapist in 2016 and is a motor vehicle accident specialist. She has spent most of her life studying ways of healing and her practice is continually evolving. Bonnie was first inspired at the age of fifteen when her mother took her to a Japanese spa in New Mexico. Ever since then she was certain that she wanted to spend her life dedicated to the healing arts of massage therapy. Her style is rooted in deep tissue, mysofacial release and Craniosacral therapy providing a deep intuitive touch to seek and restore health in the body.
Caroll Hueller LMT #7441
Caroll has had a full time massage practice for 20 years. A graduate of OSM, she has worked in many settings, and currently maintains a part-time practice based from her home outside Lyons, OR. Massage was the conduit that helped establish a confidence, identity, and connection to the community that defines her now. She has always enjoyed the foundations of the practice, connecting body mechanics with her past dance training. Along with her work in massage, Caroll also owned and operated a small wholesale/retail nursery for over 20 years, raising herb and vegetable starts. Her focus on the family farm now is gardening, taking care of a large flock of happy chickens and the dogs that bring her so much enjoyment.
Gary Hulett LMT #15363
Gary is a Licensed Massage Therapist living and practicing in Salem Oregon. His focus is towards Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish style Massage, Reiki and Foot Reflexology. Gary graduated from OSM in March 2009 and has been practicing massage since May 2009. He has been a Teaching Assistant (TA) since January 2008, TAing classes in Communications and Ethics, Upper and Lower Kinesiology, Upper and Lower Massage, Hydrotherapy, Massage Fundamentals and Thai Massage. Gary has taught classes in Upper and Lower Massage, Upper Kinesiology and is teaching Massage Clinic classes.
Birgit Knorr
Birgit started her career in the high tech industry after her studies at the University of Chemnitz, Germany from which she earned a Master in Technical Cybernetics and Control Technology. After consulting for Transim Technology Corporation she accepted the position as VP of Engineering and moved to Portland, OR. Birgit has a passion for developing actionable strategic plans to manifest innovative visions. She has over 20 year of experience in project and product management and combines practical and theoretical knowledge. Reiki has been a part of Birgit’s life for a long time. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System. Reiki has taught her to better understand energy and how systems work together. Regenerative practices are at the core of her work, so it only seems natural that she has a huge garden and is growing much of her own food.
Kitty Lawrence BA, LMT #2748
Kitty is celebrating doing massage for forty years!!! She started out working in a spa in a California mineral springs resort. She went on to direct the spa for 10 years using hydrotherapy daily with her clients and herself. Upon moving to Oregon in 1987 she went to OSM to study Hakomi Bodywork. She has found massage to be an ever evolving way to learn about healing the body, mind and spirit. Being an LMT can inspire us to greater sense of well being and healthy life style. In all her classes she emphasizes mindfulness and self care. Currently she has a private practice in NE Portland and teaches UB,LB, Hydrotherapy and Body Mechanics.
RoseAnne Lawrence LMT #21823
RoseAnne Lawrence is a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, where she completed the Eastern Focus program, specializing in the Shiatsu modality. Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork which originated in Japan. In this form of massage, pressure is applied to certain points on the body using the hands and fingers. RoseAnne specializes in this method, but is versatile and proficient in other forms of massage as well. Gifted with strong hands, upper body strength and a large heart, RoseAnne thrives on providing relaxation and pain relief for her clients.
She operates her own growing private practice and has worked in a variety of professional and volunteer settings; including chiropractic offices, her children’s school (giving appreciation to teachers), and athletic events. RoseAnne currently practices massage at her alma mater, the Oregon School of Massage, in the LMT clinic and at All Family Chiropractic in SW Portland. Her strong spiritual background and belief in holistic healing through integrative bodywork has given her a deep sense of appreciation and love for the craft.
Bonnie Lee LMT #18719
Bonnie is an OSM alumni since 2011 with fun modalities added to her tool belt along the way, including Ashiatsu, as well as being an ACE certified personal trainer for better assisting her clients in her home studio. Being back at OSM now as an instructor is where she had unexpectedly set her sights for from the moment she first enrolled back in 2009 and is loving the science of Kinesiology and the round table discussions during the Business intro class she teaches.
Charles Lev LAc
Dr. Charles Lev has been dedicated to the practice of Chinese medicine since 1993. He has worked at OHSU Family Medicine providing acupuncture and Chinese medicine services since 2008. He has also been a teacher and clinical supervisor at the National University of Natural Medicine for the last 10 years. Before coming to OHSU, Charles taught natural medicine at the Evergreen State College and pathology at the Oregon School of Massage. Charles brings advanced training in Five Element acupuncture to life with compassion and a personal commitment to relieving suffering and helping people find harmony in their lives. Charles is a musician who loves playing guitar, oud and clarinet. He is a hiker and wilderness enthusiast, astronomer, and Tai Chi practitioner who loves sharing time with his wife and sons.
Walter Libby LMT #5122
Walter has been practicing massage for more than twenty-five years. In 1975, he graduated from the Midway School of Massage in Oregon and in 1985 from the Swedish Institute in New York City. He holds a license in Oregon. He has studied with Dr. Travell and has practiced Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy for the past fifteen years.
Gayle MacDonald MS, LMT #4274
Gayle is a teacher with over thirty five years experience in both public and private schools. Her present focus is massage for cancer patients. She has taught Hospital Massage and provided Clinical Supervision for massage therapists since 1994 at Oregon Health and Science University. Gayle is the author of Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer (2007, Findhorn Press) and Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client (2005, LWW). Gayle’s courses are certified by NCBTMB.
Stephanie McBride
Stephanie McBride is a highly qualified professional with a diverse and extensive background in the field of natural health. She holds certifications as a Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Functional Nutritionist, and Reiki Master-teacher demonstrating her commitment to holistic well-being. Stephanie has conducted in-depth case studies to assess the effectiveness of essential oils and has served as a trusted Natural Health Consultant for over a decade, leveraging her wealth of knowledge and experience to guide individuals on their paths to wellness.
Christobal Mozingo Goodwin
Christobal Mozingo Goodwin is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator. He is a Master-prepared Registered Nurse with over 30 years of combined healthcare, wellness, and workplace safety experience. Originally from the Midwest, Chris worked as a travel nurse and spent several years in Arizona before settling in Oregon. Chris can speak Spanish and likes to practice his language skills when opportunities present themselves. He currently works as a Care Manager with Kaiser Permanente and he teaches Anatomy and Physiology for OSM. His areas of holistic healthcare interests include therapeutic bodywork, chakra spiritual healing, and Reiki energy practice.
Sandy Pullella, RN, BSN, LMT#22844
Sandy has been a Registered Nurse, whose work has spanned settings from rural camps to ICU and cardiac intensive care work. She has more recently worked in hospice nursing and has been able to incorporate massage into her nursing job. From a large family who liked to massage each other’s backs and necks, she has had a compelling desire to study massage, and completed her LMT training in 2016; she has greatly enjoyed working in a wellness cooperative with practitioners of many other disciplines, as well doing massage home visits for homebound people.
Jessica Schaffer LMT #6700
For more than 20 years, Jessica Schaffer, Nervous System Health Educator, has been guiding people towards a more authentic relationship with their bodies and their overall health.  She offers educational and wellness programs that teach people about nervous system regulation and resilience.  She is passionate about introducing people to the concept of stress physiology (how our bodies process and metabolize stress and how they are influenced by it) and helping them cultivate tools to better manage and regulate their nervous system responses to stress and trauma.  In addition, she runs a professional training program for practitioners who want to incorporate the Nervous System RESET approach into their clinical practices.
A 1998 graduate of OSM, Jessica holds a license in Massage Therapy. In addition, she is recognized as a Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of Reiki and has been teaching since 2002.
With over two decades of professional experience, Jessica’s deeply intuitive skills and her ability to understand the body both anatomically and energetically, provide a powerful foundation for guiding others into a profound experience of body awareness and neural regulation.
Angela Sidlo CR, CA, CHC
Angela Sidlo CR, CA, CHC is an holistic health practitioner, has been combining her love of aromatic plant medicine and herbs in her practice as a way to offer healing to the body. As a certified reflexologist, certified health coach, aromatherapist, reiki master teacher and tai chi instructor, she has shared this wellness model for the past 10 years. She has been teaching aromatherapy in Oregon for the past 7 years and finds a passion in sharing this holistic approach to wellness with bodyworkers. Learn more at
Marybetts Sinclair LMT #644
MaryBetts Sinclair has been practicing massage in Corvallis since 1975, and natural vision improvement techniques for decades. She is the author of Pediatric Massage Therapy, Modern Hydrotherapy and Hydrotherapy for Bodyworkers. She currently teaches massage, hydrotherapy, injury rehabilitation and natural vision techniques in the United States, Mexico, and Ecuador, South Korea and Indonesia. MaryBetts is also a member of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. Her articles on vision and chronic body tension have appeared in Massage and Bodywork Magazine and many other publications.
Jamie Smith BA
Jamie Smith is an interior designer with a previous two-decades long career as a LMT and certified holistic health counselor. She is a Healthy Materials Advocate, and passionate about creating restorative environments. Learn more at
Leslie Stager RN, LMT #3472
Leslie is a certified pregnancy massage therapist, watsu practitioner, and registered nurse.  As a perinatal massage specialist, she has taught pregnancy massage at OSM since 1993, initiating the Maternity Massage Certification program in 2007. She is the author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy: A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle and is the instructor on the DVD: Mastering Pregnancy Massage. Her other films: Mothertouch: Nurturing Touch for Birth and Touch Techniques for Birth are based on her experience attending hundreds of hospital and home births as labor nurse or doula. Her classes are holistic, skills-enriching, fun, and empowering!
Molly Verschingel LMT #5164
Molly Verschingel is a 1993 graduate of Oregon School of Massage. Sports massage has been her main focus for over 30 years. She owns Time Out Bodywork and Training in Tigard, and is the team therapist for the Portland Winterhawks since 2008. Molly has had the opportunity to work in many local, national and world athletic events, and has taught and lectured for many years.
Wendy Ward LMT #10147
Wendy has been practicing bodywork off and on since 1980. Prior to being licensed in Oregon, she worked as an herbalist and organic farmer. She currently practices in SE Portland, emphasizing Shiatsu in her work. She’s especially enthusiastic about Shiatsu because it is as engaging and rewarding to give as it is to receive. Inspired by the traditional, cultural and medical theories at the root of this art form, she incorporates Tai-Ji and Dao-Yin in her self-care regimen. Both of these enhance her skills as a practitioner. Through teaching, Wendy enjoys sharing her excitement about Shiatsu.
David Weitzer LMT #4118
David has been a student and practitioner of massage since 1976 with training in Jin Shin Do, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports Massage, and is a certified yoga instructor. David has focused on Traditional Thai Massage since 1990, and became a certified instructor in 1996. David teaches Thai Massage classes at OSM.
Beth Welton-Miller M.Ed., LMT#4065
Beth Welton-Miller has a Master’s degree in Education with a specialty in Adult Learning. She holds certifications in Training and Organizational Development from PSU, Conscious Relationships and Body-Centered Transformation from the Hendricks Institute and Energy Medicine from the Four Winds Society. She has taught in schools, colleges and privately for the past 30+ years and is a past Director of Education at Oregon School of Massage. She facilitates groups, teaching people somatic self-awareness, relational neuroscience, conscious communication, energetic practices, and mind-body-spirit wellness. Beth loves supporting people to experience a more embodied, authentic life, nourished in their connection with self, and others. She is a teacher, coach, shamanic energy practitioner and mind-body therapist. She enjoys an active lifestyle of cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling, swimming and dancing. She is nourished by nature, movement, music, play, quiet time and authentic relationships. Visit Beth’s website at for more information about her experience and teaching philosophy.
Melanie Zermer LMT #5183, Dipl. A.B.T.
Melanie is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Asian Bodywork Therapy. She has been teaching at OSM, Salem campus since 1999. She teaches Shiatsu and basic principles of Chinese medicine. In addition to her practice and teaching, she is deeply involved in building community. She serves on the governing board of KMUZ – a community radio station serving Salem, Keizer and the Mid-Willamette Valley.


Staff Members


Ray Siderius President
Ray Siderius, OSM President, practiced massage in a counseling center prior to starting the School in 1984. He has taught a variety of massage modalities and Anatomy and Physiology. Ray serves on the Oregon Department of Education Career School Advisory Committee.
Annie Barron Registrar — Portland Campus
Annie originates from Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Portland to go to school and has lived here ever since. She graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2021, where she majored in Anthropology and Sociology with a focus on alternative healing modalities. When she is not at OSM, she assists with community organization for a group of local healers, hikes with her partner and their dog Kiwi, and loves spending time at home with a good book.
Diane Schlottmann Bookkeeper – Portland Campus
 Rosa Leonardi Facility/Front Desk Coordinator-Salem Campus, LMT #21111
Rosa has been an active part of the Salem community ever since she graduated from OSU, over 25 years ago. Her administrative background includes assisting residents in their dealings with the City of Salem as a Neighborhood Association Counselor, and for 16 years she was the Community Development Coordinator at Salem’s community television station where she wrote and produced television programs for local non-profit and governmental organizations to help raise community awareness. Rosa enjoys receiving massages but now that she is at OSM, she is contemplating the possibility of learning how to give them. When not at the front desk in Salem, Rosa can be found either volunteering with the Salem City Club, playing with her mini-Doxi, Max A Million, or experimenting with a new recipe. Read about Rosa entering massage training on the OSM blog.
Stephanie Patterson  Admissions Coordinator – Salem Campus

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