First, some background info…

Massage As Healthcare Service Not Growing
Earlier this year, at a massage school conference in Annapolis, Maryland, ABMP (Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals) leaders said that their surveys showed that during the past year or so the public was using massage some less than during earlier periods. They cited several reasons…poor economy and, in too many instances, poor service provided by massage practitioners. The ABMP data would indicate we have work to do…even though massage therapy may be increasingly visibility in the media and in research. The benefits of massage are still not appreciated by well over a majority of adults in the United States.

Getting The Word Out
While there are many other dimensions to this challenge of showing that massage is one of the better investments in healthcare we can start work on the keeping our image lively and healthy right now. Below are a couple of highly visible places to get massage…let others know about them.

We’d love your help in making this a series…please send us information about other similarly visible massage practices. If professionally appropriate we will include them in future posts.

Headed to the North Oregon coast on a weekend…check out the Astoria Sunday Market.

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Portland Blues Festival – Visit the Massage Tent

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The Profession Needs to Act on This
Oregon School of Massage considers a part of its mission to be public education…getting more information out to the general public. In addition to disseminating available information we would like to provide a steady stream of information showing people who view our website where to find easily available massage…in settings like the above where it is clear it is being supported by the public.

More To Do
And stay tuned for other ideas on promoting more massage.


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