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Resources For Integration

The Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit is a key value at Oregon School of Massage (OSM); an key component of this sort of integration is the development of awareness…often called “mindfulness.” Mindfulness can be a path to a deeper connecting, i.e., integrating, of our minds and bodies and/or adding spiritual dimensions to our lives. And both   concepts/practices…integration and mindfulness…have a seemingly infinite number of meanings and applications. OSM is always looking for new resources to inform and inspire us. A new bimonthly magazine, “mindful,” looks like it’s a good addition to the resource list.

OSM staff member Lisa Barck Garofalo says:
MINDFUL! The title of the magazine jumped off the stands. Here was a magazine speaking about something very close to my heart – being present and practicing mindfulness. Would the content live up to my expectations? After 2 issues I can heartily say YES! With articles that speak to bringing mindfulness practices into all kinds of work situations (even in Congress!) as well as all aspects of our home life (Sex and Mindfulness!), there have been at least half a dozen articles that give me inspiration and concrete steps to becoming more mindful and present. In the June issue I was most drawn to the article on “Finding Your Way” – 7 qualities that can be cultivated by a mindful practice beyond stress reduction: Appreciation, Inquisitiveness, Acceptance, Tenderness, Body Awareness,  Steadfastness, and Generosity. I’m looking forward to the next issue!
OSM Graduate and Portland Artist Nancy Freeman writes:

 I am reviewing the first addition of a new magazine named Mindful. In one of their articles they define mindfulness as ”a calmer, more open and undistracted mind, greater self awareness and an enhanced capacity for self transformation-not to mention disciplined passions and stronger human relationships.” Pg 54  The magazine has lots of examples of how mindfulness has been applied in business, education, exercise and the arts. In addition there are many hints about how to practice mindfulness and if you have not practiced-how to get started. There are also many ads for classes and workshops throughout the country.

The article which most interested me was about 3 young men, (two brothers and a friend)  in Baltimore, Maryland who have started an after school class to teach mindfulness, meditation and yoga to inner city children. These children live in a world of drugs, poverty and violence. 34% of the children in the Baltimore inner city live under these conditions. The school district has been so impressed that they are looking to fund a pilot program in the schools so that they can introduce more students to the concepts of mindfulness. Both, the program’s graduates and their teachers report that they have fewer behavior problems, they are slower to anger and have time between emotion and action to consider their responses leading to less violence.

You can learn more about Mindful at their website:


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