Professional Profiles

Finding her Passion

Up next in OSM’s series on Professional Profiles is Kate Saunders. Kate graduated OSM and became an LMT in 2014, a vision she had since high school. Kate knew since her teen years that she wanted to be a massage therapist. She researched schools including Oregon School of Massage, but she knew she wasn’t ready. However, the thought stayed with her.

Choosing a Path

In the decade after high school, Kate attended Chemeketa Community College. She met her husband, got married, and worked in banking and education until the time was right to do what she really wanted, massage. Kate chose OSM because it was more holistic in its approach to massage with a focus on mind, body, spirit. While at OSM Kate concentrated on Shiatsu and wants to continue her Eastern studies in Chinese medicine and energy healing.

Professional Practice

In her practice, she offers four different treatments, one unclothed, Swedish; and three clothed: Shiatsu, foot reflexology, and a 30-minute treatment session for workers on lunch hour or for a specific problem area such as the neck, back or knee. Benefits of the 30-minute clothed session are that Kate works through the clothing which allows for more massage time (no undressing and dressing) and workers don’t have to get oily. Kate includes acupressure in every massage she gives which she sets her apart from other LMTs.

Kate likes a scent free office because she wants to eliminate everything that might detract from the massage. And she is very purposeful in keeping her office that way – from her laundry detergent to the vegan lotion she uses. Working for herself is something Kate treasures: she likes to be in charge, make all the decisions and be her own boss. She does numerous promotions with her clients and believes that is the key to building a successful practice.

Putting Clients First

Kate belongs to several on-line professional massage groups and is amazed at how some massage therapists do not accommodate their clients. In one group, a student asked for advice on what to do if her client wanted more work on a specific area. One LMT responded that she keeps massaging and tells them she’ll get back to it later but never does. Kate was appalled at that comment and strives to give her clients exactly what they want. In fact, her goal is to have the strongest effect on clients using acupressure and other techniques in her toolkit.

Her passion that started in high school seems to have grown and matured as she has, something for which, she is grateful.

Article by Rosa Leonardi.

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