Massage Employment to Fit Your Lifestyle

Have you ever dreaded the 9-5 grind? Does your day-to-day schedule feel more like a rut and less like a routine? Massage therapy is a unique career because it offers freedom and flexibility to fit your individual lifestyle and desired work schedule.

Very few people take on massage therapy as a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job. Many therapists incorporate a variety of employers into their weekly schedule; chiropractic, clinical, spa, and private practice settings can all coordinate into a full, exciting career. The flexible schedule and supplemental income also comes in handy while working on another degree or certification to better one’s education and skills.

My Experience with Massage

I started doing massage therapy part-time at a spa while I kept my part-time job in retail. It gave me the chance to ease into bodywork and test the limits of my body’s endurance. Having witnessed many seasoned therapists experience physical burnout due to poor self-care and time management, I decided to make massage my “side-gig” and keep my other career. I was able to enjoy the variety in my professional life while witnessing the benefits I was bringing to my clients. It was a win-win for both parties!

As I continued with a part-time job and treating massage clients when my schedule allowed, I was still looking for more. This led me back to college to finish my bachelor’s in the field of psychology. Massage helped with my finances through school, as well as bringing me some quiet serenity when my nose wasn’t stuffed in a textbook. The fact that my career as a massage therapist could mold to my life’s unexpected twists and turns was extremely helpful and refreshing.

Massage Brings Balance

Not only does massage therapy bring harmony and excitement to an otherwise boring work week, but it can become convenient in trading and used as payment for services. I had standing contracts with my hair stylist and personal trainer that enabled me to pay for their services with a massage treatment. My skills were appreciated by a wide range of people and I benefited in many different ways through the bartering of services.

Everyone’s journey into their massage career is different. The beauty is that you can make it your own, practice when you want, and rest when needed. Not only do clients benefit from receiving massages, but therapists find peace and a relief of stress by the simple act of giving massage to their clients. Massage skills stay with you for the duration of your lifetime and, with proper self-care, can take you well into your years of retirement. The rewarding feeling of helping others heal, relax, and re-balance themselves is a timeless gift that can never be lost.

Article by Alisha Eddleman

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