Graduate Spotlight: Krissy Lindquist

Students who enter the massage profession are drawn to the flexibility and independence it can bring to one’s career. After graduating from OSM in 2009, Krissy Lindquist is enjoying the fruits of her own business. She found her niche of providing Shiatsu massage to her clients.

“I actually never had a Shiatsu massage before attending OSM”, she admitted. Krissy raved about Wendy Ward’s teaching skills in her Shiatsu courses. She loved the challenge of bringing something new to her clients who had never experienced a modality like Shiatsu before.

Building Her Brand

Starting out her own business was a challenge as she marketed herself through Craigslist, until she found an acupuncturist that had a space for rent. She found a great market of people who were already open to the philosophy of Chinese medicine and the benefits of Shiatsu massage. Three years later, she was able to branch out on her own and watch her business thrive. Krissy attributed her success from having a networking group that allowed her to learn and grow as a therapist and business owner. She did a lot of research and self-study to build her knowledge, but her education at OSM helped with her confidence in communication. “The Communication/Ethics class was such a great foundation that taught me how to be confident in talking to others about myself and massage in general. It helped train me to speak to clients on a compassionate level.”

Defining Herself

Krissy’s discovery into Shiatsu makes her feel like she stands out in the field. Chinese medicine has taught her that the approach is not all about muscles and bones that bring about symptoms. It can also be about the change in seasons, and how people feel mentally. Her practice has blossomed with the knowledge of this ancient modality, and brings her much appreciation for her growing career.


Article by Alisha Eddleman

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