Landscapes, flowers, and birds are the subjects of Maureen Zoebelein’s acrylics and oils on canvas which are featured at the Oregon School of Massage through September.

Maureen has been an art student her whole life, studying printmaking at Buffalo State College in N.Y. and completing her degree in related arts at Oregon State University. Through the years, while raising two sons with her husband, Tim Zoebelein, Maureen also worked with watercolors, colored pencils, but eventually found that oils allow for a fluid and natural expression of her art. A Forest Grove resident for 22 years, Maureen took up oil painting in 2010.

Many of her paintings are influenced by hours of hiking, biking, and paddling. A vineyard in autumn, flowers showing off their colors and skies creating drama are scenes she’s drawn to paint. A lifelong love of photography has also provided Maureen a collection of images as reference for her subjects.

The public is invited to view Maureen’s work when the School is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

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