Valentina G. – Recipient of OSM’s Scholarship

Oregon School of Massage recently reinstated its scholarship program for current students. We are pleased to announce Valentina G. as the recipient of the $1,000 scholarship.

Ever since Valentina was a young girl in Mexico, she knew that she wanted to accomplish something special in her life. She didn’t let the barriers she faced as a child prevent her from reaching her dreams. Valentina wants to finish her training at OSM, get licensed and share her love of massage and the benefits that come from it. 

Valentina is caring for her kids, working full-time and taking on a heavy course-load at OSM. She is determined to give her children a good life, be an inspiration and motivator for their future. It’s impressive the determination and commitment that Valentina has to her massage training. We are happy to recognize her drive for success with this scholarship.

Messages from Students

The decision was very difficult. We had some very deserving candidates with wonderful messages to share:

Cody Byrne-

“My life has shown me that we all have the ability to change heart, moods, attitudes, tone, tensions and feelings. I chose to begin my journey at the Oregon School of Massage because I agree that the art of massage encompasses the whole person, integrating body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy is a profoundly meaningful career, and as practitioners, we need to be mindful of what we communicate through our touch. Communication is vital to all relationships, and touch is one of the most powerful forms of this.”

“Oregon School of Massage asks us to view our experience here as personal growth, as well as training. My career in massage therapy will enrich my life and my community by helping people feel loved and cared for, reminding ourselves and others to take time for yourself, and promote overall balance and well-being.”

Anna Richter-

“This school has taught me enough lessons to last a lifetime. It has also reminded me of the strong qualities that make me who I am.”


Article by Morgan Neil

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