Dear Students,

Thank you for your patience during this time. Our staff and faculty have been working diligently to formulate a plan to partially re-open both campuses for the Fall 2020 term.

In this email, you will find our general COVID-19 policies, complete current list of fall-term classes, how to register for classes, and updated office hours.

Registration for our fall term begins this Wednesday, September 9th. We will be lengthening our office hours next week to make registering or asking questions more accessible.

Due to extreme weather, it is possible our campuses may experience power outages this week, impacting our registration. PGE has released the following statement regarding power outages: “Because of wildfire danger along the Highway 26 corridor near Mt Hood, we have implemented a public safety power shutoff to reduce the risk of fires and help keep the community and property safe. This cause will show as Weather – Environmental.”

We hope that everyone is staying safe during this extreme weather. If the weather is impacting our registration, we will provide updates via our social media pages and if possible, through email.


Oregon School of Massage is committed to providing the highest-level training to our students, developing skill sets and tools for applying procedures that protect the public as well as our staff. This is an important part of our program as our students will become professionals providing education and engaging in a sustaining practice for safe and effective touch within a variety of settings.

Regardless of the setting, or where the future will take our graduates, we are committed to providing a safe atmosphere to practice building those skills while welcoming those joining our community or participating in our program. Our goal is to provide support and safety to the best of our ability to our OSM community. To accomplish this, we are requiring our staff, faculty, students and clients to fully participate in the following policies and procedures.

Adjustments and Policies were based on considerations after reviewing recommendations and outlines for practice listed by organizations such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy as well as the Oregon Health Authority. Other references were reviewed in the making of our current policies and updates will occur as new information is available.

OSM wishes you and your families only the best of health during this challenging time and strives to ensure the safety and support of staff and students as well as the public.

  • Those entering the premise will need to have their temperature and tracking information taken prior to being helped at the desk, bookstore or for hands-on classes and student clinic.
  • To limit potential exposure staff, and students are asked to monitor their health outside of school, to avoid situations that may expose them and their classmates to COVID-19.
  • Students who are or may have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms must stay at home and are required to report this information to the school’s Director.
  • Plastic guards have been installed at desks service students and the public.
  • Sanitizer and disinfecting wipes have been placed throughout the office and classrooms.
  • Furniture with cloth upholstery that is not easily sanitized has been removed from public spaces as well as lounge areas.
  • Retail areas will be cleared to reduce area of exposure.
  • Classrooms will be limited in size to ensure distancing during demo and lecture.
  • Students will be set at opposite ends of the tables to ensure a minimum distancing. Tables will be spaced accordingly to provide 6 foot distancing.
  • Students will provide linens, and both set up and breakdown, including sanitation and disinfection of table and linens. Extra time will be provided to ensure product is used effectively to kill the virus and will include table, face cradle, and extended table parts. Product will be supplied by OSM.
  • Doors may be propped open to limit contact.
  • Face masks MUST be work at all times and in all areas while inside the school building, while giving and receiving massage. Multiple masks are recommended, and even a change of clothing where possible.
  • For CLINIC students will be limited to the number of services they will provide and will need to change masks after every session.
  • Clinic sessions will be staggered in order to provide limited exposure to multiple people at a given time.
  • Washing hands and following CDC guidelines in order to prevent exposure and sharing of the virus is required between all hands on sessions.
  • Questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms will be added to any intake, in class or clinic.
  • Intake will be performed verbally by students and data recorded by the student onto intake form. Client will check for accuracy as student holds document for their review.
  • Use of gloves is optional for all areas except when working the head, face or anterior neck.

More detailed walk-throughs for safety expectations will be sent out over the next week to bolster this information and to adjust for any recommended changes in these protocols by organizations providing guidelines such as the CDC, WHO and others.

What you can expect in future communications are steps for setting, and cleaning tables to reduce contact. Recommendations for linen uses to ease mask restrictions, and useful tools to add to your repertoire.

I am available at should you have any further
questions at this time. We look forward to seeing you all soon, and in my case, to meeting each of you as we move into this end of year quarter!

Thank you for your continued patience, and feedback. We will constantly fine-tune procedures to ensure local and public safety within the industry and on campus.

Jordan Barton
General Manager
Oregon School of Massage

Fall Term Course List

We will likely be adding to this list as the term progresses. Stay tuned for future emails regarding course offerings.

Online Classes
Advanced Practical Seminar
Anatomy & Physiology 1
Anatomy & Physiology 3
Business of Massage – Introduction
Massage Theory
Pathology 1

Hybird Classes (Portion Online, Portion In-Person)
Kinesiology – Lower Body, Lab in Salem
Kinesiology – Upper Body, Lab in Portland

In-Person Classes
Massage Assessment and Application, Portland
Massage Assessment and Application, Salem
Massage Upper Body, Portland
Massage Lower Body, Portland

Aromatherapy Foundations Part 2
Building Your Ethical Body

You can view our detailed course schedule (with dates, instructors, prerequisites, and price points) on our website:

How to Register || Office Hours

Registrations will be taken over the phone. You are able to register for all classes at either number.
These office hours reflect the week of 9/7 to 9/11. Stay tuned for what our office hours will look like for the fall term.
Due to extreme weather, there have been power outages that may impact our registrations. If power outages occur, we will make announcements on our social media, and if possible, through email.

Office Hours Portland Campus
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – 9AM – 4PM
Thursday – 9AM – 4PM
Friday – 9AM – 1PM

Office Hours Salem Campus
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 10AM – 2PM
Wednesday – 9AM – 4PM
Thursday – 9AM – 4PM
Friday – 9AM – 1PM

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