June 29, 2020

Online Summer term classes will be scheduled to begin the week of July 13th and registration begins June 29th.  Please call the Portland campus Mon-Thu 9a to 5p, or Salem Tue 10a-12p & Fri 9a-5p.

If you have any questions or concerns about your expected graduation date or next steps, feel free to reach out to our Student Services Coordinators: Izarra Moore: im@oregonschoolofmassage.com for the Portland campus and Morgan Neil: mn@oregonschoolofmassage.com for the Salem campus. Any general inquiries can be directed to Sarah Helgeson: sh@oregonschoolofmassage.com.

Anatomy & Physiology II 30BrewerOnline07/16/2020-09/17/2020Thu 6:00 - 9:00pm$575AP I
Anatomy & Physiology III 30HaneyOnline07/16/2020-09/17/2020Thu 2:00 - 5:00pm$575AP I
Business of Massage - Introduction 15LeeOnline07/15/2020-08/12/2020Wed 1:30-4:30pm$305Mass Up & Low (Clinic may be Concurrent)
Ethics, Boundaries, and Communication in Mind-Body Healing - CLASS FULL, adding new date. 4HallettOnline07/12/2020Sun 10am-2pm$95Massage A&A or LMT
Hydrotherapy after COVID-19 3SinclairOnline07/28/2020-07/30/202010-11:30am$60Mass Fund, AP1
Massage Theory 14DixonOnline08/20/2020-09/17/2020Thu 9:30am-12:30pm$285Mass Fund. (concurrent)
Pathology I 30NolanOnline07/15/2020-09/16/2020Wed 6:00-9:00pm$575AP I (recommended: A&P II)
Pathology II 30Lev, L.Ac.Online07/14/2020-09/15/2020Tue 6:00-9:00pm$575A&P1 , Path I (recommended: AP II, AP III)
Polyvagal Theory & Bodywork 4MooreOnline07/14/2020-07/16/202010am - 12pm$80AP3
Statutes 6MorinOnline08/04/2020-08/11/2020Tue 9am-12pm$120Communications/Ethics, Clinic (may be concurrent)
The Cardiovascular System: 3PullellaOnline07/21/2020-07/23/202010am - 11:30am$60AP2, Path2

Deeply integrated education for a deeply rewarding massage career –
since 1984.

We offer massage therapy courses for aspiring massage therapists, licensed professionals and the general public. We believe what a therapist communicates through their touch, combined with knowledge of the body and presence, can make the difference between a basic massage and a truly healing experience. Explore our website to discover how we incorporate this philosophy to train well-rounded massage therapists.

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  • "I totally credit my success (at wellness clinic) to your excellent curriculum and knowledgeable instructors." L.M. (2007 Graduate)

  • "Since beginning courses...I have come to appreciate another factor about OSM. It has a special atmosphere of inclusiveness and acceptance." CG (2008 Graduate)

  • "All the instructors and staff are genuinely caring, compassionate and understanding, and all of my classmates are so down to earth and non-judgmental." NG (2010 Graduate)

  • "You guys did a great job preparing me for this career path...Thank you for being so supportive, kind and patient with me...It’s been a long and wonderful road." - EM (2013 OSM Graduate)

Massage Training Previews

Previews help you make a sound decision about choosing a career in massage by outlining the time, finances and energy needed for training. Oregon licensing and career opportunities are discussed. There is no cost to attend.

To reserve a seat, contact:
PORTLAND - Samantha Mascari, 800-844-3420 or  E-mail
SALEM - Morgan Neil, 877-588-8912 or  E-mail

Ethics Classes at OSM

These upcoming classes count towards the OBMT requirement for Professional Ethics, Boundaries, or Communication.

Ethical, Boundaries and Communication in Mind-Body Healing- 7/12, $95, 4CEs - Salem

Call 1-800-844-3420 to register.

To see more on OBMT Ethics requirements, see this blog article here: Oregon Massage Ethics