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We offer massage therapy courses for aspiring massage therapists, licensed professionals and the general public. We believe what a therapist communicates through their touch, combined with knowledge of the body and presence, can make the difference between a basic massage and a truly healing experience. Explore our website to discover how we incorporate this philosophy to train well-rounded massage therapists.

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  • "I totally credit my success (at wellness clinic) to your excellent curriculum and knowledgeable instructors." L.M. (2007 Graduate)

  • "Since beginning courses...I have come to appreciate another factor about OSM. It has a special atmosphere of inclusiveness and acceptance." CG (2008 Graduate)

  • "All the instructors and staff are genuinely caring, compassionate and understanding, and all of my classmates are so down to earth and non-judgmental." NG (2010 Graduate)

  • "You guys did a great job preparing me for this career path...Thank you for being so supportive, kind and patient with me...It’s been a long and wonderful road." - EM (2013 OSM Graduate)

Working with TMD Patients

  • Jun 16-17
  • 12CEs - $260

With Marian Wolfe Dixon, MA, LMT, CHT

Patients who suffer from TMD (temperomandibular joint disorder) exhibit a host of frustrating symptoms and problems. OSM has synthesized a massage protocol specifically designed to help TMD patients. The TMD protocol is specially designed more >>

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Massage Training Previews

Previews help you make a sound decision about choosing a career in massage by outlining the time, finances and energy needed for training. Oregon licensing and career opportunities are discussed. There is no cost to attend.

Next Dates:
Saturday, June 2: 10am-12pm - SALEM
Thursday, June 7: 6:30-8:30pm - PORTLAND

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PORTLAND - Alisha Eddleman, 800-844-3420 or  E-mail
SALEM - Morgan Neil, 877-588-8912 or  E-mail

Craniosacral Therapy: Level II

Craniosacral June 2 & 3 - PORTLAND
12CEs - $260

This course will expand on and refine the techniques for releasing restrictions in the sutures of the skull taught in Craniosacral I. Unwinding, also known as regional positional release, will be practiced and additional releases for facial and intraoral sutures will be introduced. History and basic concepts of Craniosacral Massage will be reviewed as well as continuing to stress the importance of working in reverence with the Craniosacral system and palpating for the Cranial Wave.
Prerequisites: Craniosacral I

To register, please call 1-800-844-3420.