March 25th:

OSM students, alumni and staff:

These truly are unprecedented times for all of us to navigate.  Thank you for all that you are doing to take care of yourselves and our community during this challenging period!

Based on current directives from our governor, OSM has had to make the following changes to our spring term.

We plan to implement online versions of our A&P, Pathology, Business and APS classes to begin the week of April 13th.  We are currently exploring if any other classes can be moved to an online format and will continue to update if additional classes will be added online.

All in person classes will not be able to be held until after April 28th as directed by the governor.  We are continuing to explore our options and will be coordinating with instructors for how to best move forward with bodywork classes after that date.  As we continue to develop plans for each class we will be reaching out to all students registered with individual updates.

All CE/elective classes through April 28th will also have to be rescheduled at later dates.  We will be reaching out to all individuals registered in the affected classes.  Please be patient as our administrative staff does their best to handle this large amount of work.

Our administrative offices and stores will remain closed until the directive is given that we can safely reopen.  We will continue to check emails and voicemails on a regular basis as our staff works from home.

We will continue to monitor things as the situation shifts and changes.  We of course do not know at this time if there will be further directives we will have to follow, but are doing our best to create plans based on the information we have at this time.

This is likely the most challenging moment that our massage industry has ever seen, being that we are in a business of touch in a time where we must all keep our distance from each other.  But we continue to be inspired by all the ways our community is supporting one another, encouraging each other and finding ways to work together even though we must physically stay apart.  Thank you to all the massage therapists who are putting the health and safety of their clients and community first!

We will get through this together!


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To see more on OBMT Ethics requirements, see this blog article here: Oregon Massage Ethics