UPDATED: 9.26.22

To OSM Students and staff,
As many of you have heard in the news, health authorities and schools are tending to lessen the stringency of Covid-19 protocols. While the virus remains highly contagious, the lethality of it appears to have been reduced, in part, due to community-wide vaccinations. OSM is continuing its mask mandate, but is modifying it’s testing requirements. By that we mean, assuming that students are not experiencing symptoms, unvaccinated students will need to submit one negative test before starting their first class of Fall Term. All Students do need to submit a negative test if they have been tested positive or are experiencing Covid related symptoms.

If you have tested positive and or have Covid-19 symptoms we require that you provide a negative test in order to return to your next in person class. In special cases where someone has been tested positive more than 5 days after the initial positive test, and appears to be free of symptoms, the student will be asked to provide medical verification that they are not contagious.

The most reliable test is PCR test which is available through medical facilities. If that is not readily available, we will accept an at home Antigen test. After getting the results of your test, students will need to take a picture of that test with their name and date and submit it to our website. If you do not have access to an at home test, you will need to show up 45 minutes before your first class and OSM will provide the test for you.

Regarding Continuing ED classes, if we do not have your vaccination confirmation, you will need to submit your Vaccination record using the link below. If you are unvaccinated you will need to submit a negative test 24-48 hours before your in person CE class.

Minimum vaccination requirement is that you have had the two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or the single dose of Johnson and Johnson.

Submit Vaccination Records (required for All Program Students):

OSM Vaccination Record Submission

Submit Negative Test Results (for CE classes/COVID positive):

OSM Negative COVID Test Submission