OSM Achieves COMTA Endorsed Curriculum

There are a lot of massage therapy jobs out there! Are you considering becoming a licensed massage therapist? What’s the difference between massage programs and how do you choose which school?
There are many ways to choose a school that’s right for you. When you visit the school does it ‘feel’ right? Does the program meet the requirements for your licensing state? One way to differentiate between massage programs is to compare school status with agencies like COMTA, Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.

What is COMTA Endorsed Curriculum?

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation created “COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum” status to meet the needs of the massage profession seeking a way to approve quality content programs. Through rigorous application and approval procedures, COMTA verifies many aspects of the program including eligibility, curriculum content, faculty qualifications, and competencies which set standards of professional knowledge and abilities.  To learn more about COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum Requirements, click here.

What’s the difference between COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum and COMTA Accreditation?
“COMTA Endorsed curriculum” focuses on verifying the program’s curriculum and instructors, whereas accreditation reviews the full operations of the school.

What does this mean to students?
OSM’s endorsement status confirms that our massage program places the emphasis on student learning, as opposed to how much time is devoted to each topic. This means that OSM prepares students to succeed by having qualified, experienced instructors teach measurable competencies in six general areas mentioned below.

What are the COMTA Curriculum Competencies?

1. Plan and organize an effective massage and bodywork session.
2. Perform massage therapy and bodywork for therapeutic benefit.
3. Develop and implement a self-care strategy.
4. Develop successful and ethical therapeutic relationships with clients.
5. Develop a strategy for a successful practice, business, or employment situation.
6. Identify strategies for professional development.

Schools like OSM with COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum are serious about providing the best education to students and going beyond the standards to ensure success as a professional. Learn more from our Admissions Team…

Be Well,
Chelsea French, Executive Director of Oregon School of Massage

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