A Massage Connections event presented by perinatal massage specialist Leslie Stager

Wednesday, October 30th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Oregon School of Massage, 9500 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR

If you are planning to attend please RSVP:  phone 503-244-3420 or by email to Alexis

The presentation will address the listed topics, and be followed by a film, “MotherTouch: Nurturing Touch for Birth”

  • Is it dangerous to massage pregnant women’s ankles?
  • Can massage cause a miscarriage?
  • Are belly rubs contraindicated in the first trimester?
  • Must pregnant women be positioned on left side only?
  • Are pregnancy massage tables safe?
  • Are there any risks with pregnancy massage?

Learn about these and other concerns surrounding pregnancy massage. Bring your questions, experiences, and enthusiasm

Leslie Stager RN, LMT, is a perinatal massage specialist and registered nurse. She has taught at OSM since 1993, initiating the Maternity Massage certification program in 2007. She is also the author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy, A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle, instructor on the DVD, “Mastering Pregnancy Massage,” and co-producer of the two MotherTouch films about touch during birth.


“Massage Connections” is a series of presentations organized by the Portland branch of Oregon School of Massage for LMTs and massage students. The presentations are intended as an opportunity to learn about topics of interest and network with fellow professionals. There is no charge for this event.

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