PREGNANCY: MotherTouch™ Maternity Massage at OSM

Oregon School of Massage is proud to offer extensive training in maternity massage including bodywork for Pregnancy, Birth, and New Mothering. Learn from Leslie Stager RN, LMT, a leading pregnancy massage expert, author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy, and producer of the MotherTouch DVDs. Gain confidence with advanced bodywork skills, positioning options, and body mechanics. Learn to address common complaints of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Students also explore the women’s wisdom that has supported mothers-to-be for 1000’s of years.

Pregnancy Massage is flourishing in many professional settings, such as birth centers, hospitals and medical offices. Most classes can be taken individually, or as part of the certificate programs. The 32-hour MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification and the 65 hour MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification offer intensive instruction in manual therapy skills, promotional strategies, and current research. Build confidence to describe the benefits of massage to health care providers, prospective clients and/or employers. Establish yourself as a specialist in the growing field of Maternity Massage with this certification..

Pregnancy Massage Brochure

Pregnancy Massage Brochure PDF – The booklet includes certification information, instructor bio and class descriptions.

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PREGNANCY: MotherTouch™ Maternity Massage Course Schedule

PREGNANCY: Fundamentals8$185Massage Fundamentals
PREGNANCY: MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification
(incl. Fundamentals)
32 $695Massage Upper & Lower (OSM students) or 200 hrs training incl. Kines, Massage, A&P
PREGNANCY: Bodywork for the New Mother8$185Massage – Upper or Lower body, A&P I; Pregnancy Massage recommended
Massage & Acupressure for Birth4.5$125No prereqs - open to Doulas, Birth professionals, pregnant couples, massage students and therapists
PREGNANCY: MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification65$1205Includes Prenatal Bodywork Cert, Massage & Acupressure for Birth, Bodywork for the New Mother, 20.5-hour Practicum, exam and project

PREGNANCY: Fundamentals  (8 hrs)

  • Open to anyone with interest in pregnancy massage.
  • Recommended to read Chapters 1-5 for class in Stager’s: Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy: A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle.
  • Students may continue into the Prenatal Bodywork Training on the same weekend, with instructor approval, or within 1 year, without having to re-take or pay for Fundamentals again.

Course Description:  Pregnancy Massage is in demand. Avoid losing clients due to a lack confidence or skill! Every therapist should know positioning options and bodywork adaptations to allow you to safely address your pregnant client’s needs. Pregnancy Massage Fundamentals presents guidelines and techniques to improve your body mechanics while enhancing mothers’ comfort. Class includes lecture, discussion, positioning and technique practice and if time allows, a birth video may be shown. This class is the first day of MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification and students may continue on in this training the same weekend with instructor approval.

PREGNANCY: MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification

Increase your client base. Gain skills and effective techniques useful for ALL clients, while becoming certified as a Prenatal Massage practitioner!

Pregnancy is a unique 9-month experience accompanied by physical adaptations of posture, pelvic floor, low back and breasts and leading to a variety of musculo-skeletal complaints. In the MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Training, you’ll gain respect for in this potent rite of passage, while learning advanced manual therapy techniques to address common pregnancy concerns including sacro-iliac joint pain, leg cramps, uterine ligament spasms, and headaches. Gain confidence with draping and positioning, recognize the difference between pregnancy massage myths and real precautions, and offer effective deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, myofascial, and other bodywork techniques that address client’s shifting needs from conception to birth. This training includes 4 hours of Communication and Ethics relating to pregnancy massage and a 1.5 hour supervised pregnancy massage clinic. Students who demonstrate proficiency in clinic, and pass a written test will receive the MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification.

In this 4-Day, comprehensive certification course you will learn skills that enhance comfort for yourself and your client!

  • Benefits & precautions of prenatal massage
  • Physiological changes and high risk symptoms that impact your bodywork
  • Postural assessment and realignment possibilities
  • Optimal sidelying and semi-reclining positioning & secure draping
  • Sidelying techniques that create length /space/ breath/unity
  • Pelvic alignment techniques, sacro-iliac joint and pelvic floor release
  • Energy assessment & acupressure flow
  • Breast massage for pregnancy
  • Bodywork to support impending labor & birth
  • Supervised pregnancy massage clinic
  • Bodywork adaptations
  • Marketing approaches and networking
  • Belly massage & diaphragm release
  • Body mechanics for all positions
  • Client intake and when to use a medical release
  • Specific trimester concerns

Day 1: Prenatal Massage Fundamentals

(8 Hrs)

  • Open to anyone with interest in pregnancy massage – can be taken individually.
  • Students are recommended to read Chapters 1-5 for class in Stager’s: Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy: A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle.
  • Students may register and continue in the Prenatal Bodywork Certification course as space allows on the same weekend, with instructor approval, or within 1 year, without having to re-take or pay for Fundamentals again.
  • This class is 65% didactic, 30% hands-on bodywork, 5% visual learning.

Days 2 & 3: Prenatal Massage Essentials

(16 hrs)

Cannot be taken individually – students enrolled in the 4-day Prenatal Bodywork Certification will continue their education as described above.

Day 4: Advanced Pregnancy Massage

(8 hrs)
Students/LMTs must have 23 hours of pregnancy massage training or equivalent. With instructor permission, some advanced bodyworkers, or birth professionals may be able to attend without the above prerequisite.

Massage & Acupressure for Birth  (4.5 hrs)

  • Open to anyone with an interest in supporting birthing women with touch.
  • Recommended: Read Chapters 6-10 in Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy text, by Stager (2008).

Course Description:  This class covers basic massage techniques, acupressure points, relaxation and positioning, as well as multi-cultural touch techniques to help ease the pain of labor and possibly assist in a faster, less complicated delivery. After a quick review of labor and birth physiology, the class offers abundant hands-on practice with acupressure, belly rub, ways of calming anxiety, easing back pain, increasing contractions, use of rebozo, and much more! You may bring a pregnant volunteer to class with whom you plan to practice techniques. The practical segment will be followed by a video that discusses and demonstrates the use of nurturing touch during four births. Be prepared to work in various positions and labor-like situations! Loose or stretchy clothing is recommended. This class is open to LMT’s, birth professionals, and birth companions.

PREGNANCY: Bodywork for the New Mother  (8 hrs)

  • Open to birth professionals, LMT’s, or students with at least 150 hours training or instructor approval.
  • Recommended: Read Chapters 11-13 in Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy text, by Stager (2008).

Course Description: A fun, inspiring, class that addresses the concerns of the new mother who experiences numerous physiological changes and strains, from nursing neck, new mother’s back & hip aches, breast issues and postpartum depression. Techniques to support lactation, pelvic realignment, cesarean section recovery, diastasis recti assessment, and scar tissue reduction will be taught, along with abdominal massage, breast massage, sacral unwinding, and techniques for hip rebalancing. Cautions, contraindications, risks and importance of nurturing touch for mother and infant will be discussed. Bodywork modalities include acupressure, myofascial release, Swedish massage, and Mayan techniques to “close the bones”. When possible, we will have mother/baby volunteers to receive the “closing of the bones”.

MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification

With her 65-hour MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification program, you can expand on the techniques learned in the MotherTouch Prenatal Bodywork Certification to become a skilled pre and perinatal massage specialist, adding a repertoire of advanced techniques to support your perinatal clientele.


MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification includes:

  • Prenatal Bodywork Certification
  • Massage & Acupressure for Birth
  • Bodywork for the New Mother
  • a written exam
  • Maternity Massage Practicum (10 Case studies)
  • Maternity Project


  • Must be licensed as massage therapist, OR have 200 hours of massage training that includes upper and lower body massage, kinesiology, A&P, and pathology or equivalent education.
  • Must purchase and read prior to class, the relevant chapters in Leslie’s book Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy: A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle.
    (Prenatal Certification read chapters 1-5; Acupressure and Massage for Birth Read Chapters 6-10; Bodywork for the New Mother Read Chapters 11-13)
  • Local students are requested to help enlist pregnant volunteers to receive free pregnancy massage during the pregnancy clinic at school on the third day of class. Volunteers must be having a low-risk pregnancy, and be between 14-43 weeks pregnant. Contact Leslie for details.

Maternity Massage Certification Practicum (20.5 hours)
To complete the MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification, the student must take all listed courses and a practicum. The Practicum includes 18 hours of 10 perinatal massage case studies, a written exam, and a maternity-related project of the student’s choosing. The project may be a written research paper, artwork or other media, or could include volunteer work in some sort of perinatal setting. All projects must be approved by the instructor.

To initiate the MotherTouch™ Advanced Maternity Massage Certification process, download the Maternity Massage Certification – Intent Guidelines.

About The Instructor

LESLIE STAGER RN, LMT, NCBTMB # #451910-12 is a leading, internationally recognized Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Educator, Author, known for her holistic, practical, and nurturing approach to supporting both students and pregnant women. Leslie has been teaching her unique and comprehensive MotherTouch™ Maternity Massage programs at the Oregon School of Massage since 1993. Her classes are influenced by an anthropology background, and her work as a doula, nurse, and massage therapist at over 500 births. She has attended births in Uganda, the Alaskan bush, at homes, in hospitals, in water, and metaphorically in the wilderness as a rite of passage guide for women facing life transitions!
Leslie currently works as a Hospice Nurse and Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner along with sharing her birth enthusiasm through MotherTouch™ classes.

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To register for classes or obtain additional information please contact the OSM office at 1-800-844-3420 -or- Click to E-mail Us.