Putting hands of health on new people.

At Oregon School of Massage (OSM) we get many requests to send students and/or staff to do massage in the community (health fairs, conferences, etc.). Some of the requests are for unpaid volunteers and some will pay the LMT. We review those requests rather closely, often referring them on to graduates. If we choose to participate we would like it to be an event at which a variety of  people will be attending/participating. It’s great when some of the massages can be given to folks who have not experience massage before.
This fits with a part of the OSM mission which is to promote massage as a very useful and cost-effective healthcare service. We would like to see more people using massage…and patronizing our graduates. We hope these events generate clients for the LMT’s participating. When the community of local LMT’s are thriving we also thrive. 
Here’s a recent example 
Career Fair at Salem Convention Center – May 2014
Recently two OSM graduates volunteered to do chair massages at this high school career fair in Salem.  While the LMT’s were not paid their participation was good marketing…they were able to make appointments for their private practices. Most of the 35 receivers were teachers and parents. Students attending the event were occupied much of the time with other activities…nonetheless it was also great for them to see massage portrayed positively.
Here are the LMT’s:  Sherry Kaup and Virginia Noyes. If you see them give a “Thank You” for “taking massage to the people.”
AASherry A Virginia
Sherry Kaup, LMT #20244
Celtic Touch Integrated Massage
Swedish, Shiatsu, Hot Stone and Facial Revjuvenation
SE Salem – 503-510-6995

Virginia Noyes, LMT #20272
Whispering Bamboo Massage Therapy
Swedish, Hot Stone, On-Site Chair, Out Call, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Lipossage
SE Salem – (503) 798-1962


Thanks for OSM’s Rosa Leonardi for coordinating the event.
Next week we will post another blog telling about more examples of “Massage To The People.” 
If you are an OSM graduate and have stories about taking “Massage to the People” let us know about it. We can include some of them in future postings. If you know in advance of such an event that is open to the public let us know ahead of time; we may be able to encourage people to attend. Send your material to ab@oregonschoolofmassage.com.
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