Dao-Yin is a series of physical exercises often combined with specific breathing patterns. Originally performed by Daoists during the early Han dynasty, this traditional Chinese practice is the forerunner of Qigong.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dao Yin is meant to cultivate a balance between internal (ch’i) and external (li) energies and to revitalize the body, mind and spirit. Movements enhance vitality by opening the joints, clearing energy channels and and increasing the flow of ch’i.

Dao-Yin develops strength and flexibility in muscles and tendons. Regular practice increases mobility, resilience, improves coordination, balance, endurance and body awareness. Accessing the whole person, Dao-Yin also improves mental and emotional well-being. Participants report relaxation and tranquility, increased mental capacity, and even greater happiness.

“Initially it was hard doing the movements; my joints felt stiff and I didn’t have the flexibility, but by the end of the 9 weeks, I felt so much more flexible…I could see the benefit physically to having something like that as a regular self-care practice.” – Jenny Lafond, Student

“In addition to the many benefits, Dao Yin is adaptable to any fitness level or physical ability.” – Instructor: Melanie Zermer

Oregon School of Massage regularly offers a beginning Dao Yin stretch class to students and the general public.

Dao Yin Stretch – Salem
6/25 – 8/20, Wed 5:15-6PM, $120
2111 Front St NE, Suite 3-101
Call 1-800-844-3420 to register

Dao Yin Stretch – Portland
6/25 – 8/20, Wed 5:30-6:15PM, $120
9500 Barbur Blvd, Suite 100
Call 1-800-844-3420 to register

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One Response to Do You Dao Yin?

  1. Amy Stark says:

    I’ve done Dao Yin a few times – it’s quite different from your typical stretching, yoga or tai chi class in that you do self-massage in the form of tapping and vocalizations. It’s über fun and energizing!