This is the third in a series of bulletins from Marybetts Sinclair, LMT, who is teaching Pediatric Massage in Jakarta, Indonesia

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I think the most interesting massage angle to being here in Jakarta is that although Indonesia in general is a third world country, Fifi Lim, for whom I am teaching, has figured out how to tap into a market, that of wealthy Indonesians and expats who value their children enough to pay for massages for them. She has a degree in industrial engineering and a graduate degree in international management, plus her whole family is in business.

Her Momnjo spa is actually being franchised, like Massage Envy. She has 7 so far, and one of her franchisees told me they see 35 babies a day in her upscale part of Jakarta. I will go there next week and get some photographs, hopefully. She is deeply committed to paying her therapists well and providing them with top-level training. They had a spa instructor from Singapore 2 years ago.

I spent most of today at a beautifully decorated Spa that offers regular treatments and individual massage lessons, so I had a
delightful young woman spend 5 hours teaching me Balinese massage. I was
struck by some of the similarities and pleased to learn some new
techniques, plus the spa provided a delicious lunch and a pickup service.
I will return there in 2 hours for a massage before bed. Rough, huh?
Will return there tomorrow for another day of lesson before heading to
Ubud, a massage and spa paradise, I hear.

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