guest post by Amy Stark, LMT

Massage Basics, 4 Weeks of Fun
A starter class for everyone,
You begin with head, neck and face
and end with back, a wonderful place!

The body, mind and spirit connection,
is evident in class interaction.
With stretches, insight and sharing galore,
this massage class leaves you wanting more.

Alas, we can help with general interest classes,
Thai, Hakomi and Reflexology for the masses.
Barefoot Shiatsu and Power of Presence,
classes that spark your supreme essence!

What a great way to connect with your friends,
seeing life through a new, healing lens.
Students and staff are your entourage,
Welcome to Oregon School of Massage!

Amy Stark, LMT, an OSM Massage Basics instructor, is also the OSM Student Services Coordinator. You can contact her at:

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