The Salem campus is currently featuring the art of several area artists, including two OSM graduates.

Brionna Brouhard
Brionna is an LMT Lic. #14669 and a graduate of Oregon School of Massage. She’s been painting since she was 15. Lately, she’s been interested in painting crows and Buddhas, with peacocks and owls thrown in here and there. Briionna likes to paint big canvases with bright colors, except for the occasional black and white. Her massage office serves as an art gallery and she also sells creations on Etsy as Fire Escape Designs.

Here is one of her pieces:

IMG_0385 - Version 2


Kerry McQuaid
Kerry has a BFA from Portland State and works both as a freelance graphic designer and portrait photographer.

Kerry writes: I have been staring at the world through a camera view finder since age 7 when my mom gave me her old kodak point and shoot. I love composing the world through a frame, simplifying the chaos within a border. Besides photography, I also have a passion for drawing and painting, particularly trees and flowers.

She was born in California but moved to Oregon while in grade school. Since her Mother is British, Kerry has dual citizenship and lived in the UK several times.

Michelle Fajer
Michelle is an LMT and a graduate of Oregon School of Massage, Eastern Track. She now runs her own business, Joyful Flight Massage and loves giving massage and helping people rehabilitate injuries.

Michelle writes: I have been drawing since I was very little. As I grew up, my drawings and doodles found their way into the margins of my notebooks in school. I work slowly and tediously; any one piece is the result of many sessions. My style ranges from surreal, a mixture of motifs and memes I glean from my environment and atomospheric flavors from my dreams, to the beautifully macabre. I enjoy close-up, detailed work using pens. I refer to my art collection as “Une Oeuvre”, French for ‘A Work.’

Thanks to OSM ‘s Rosa Leonardi for preparing this article.

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