Medical Professional Limited Enrollment – 335 hours

Oregon School of Massage offers a limited enrollment option for professionals currently holding an Oregon license in related healthcare fields (MD, ND, DC, PT, OT, RN, LPN, LAc). These professional usually meet health science requirements, OSM’s Medical Professional Limited Enrollment (MPLE) meets the remaining massage requirements. Flexible class schedules accommodate full or part-time, and day or evening students. Tuition cost is approximately $7,002. For more specific information and application instructions, please contact one of our Admissions Representatives listed below.

Assistants to these professions DO NOT qualify for MPLE. (E.g. CCA, PTA, CNA).

Required Classes – Medical Professional Limited Enrollment

335-Hour MCHP Program
Massage-Fundamentals 45 Hours
Massage-Upper Body 30 Hours
Massage-Lower Body 30 Hours
Massage-Assess & Application 30 Hours
Communication/Ethics 30 Hours
Kinesiology-Upper Body 30 Hours
Kinesiology-Lower Body 30 Hours
Clinic 45 Hours
Hydrotherapy 15 Hours
Business Intro 15 Hours
Statutes 6 Hours
Electives (1 must be a Business Elective) 29 Hours


For more information, please contact an Admissions representative:

Contact Admissions

800-844-3420 -or- Click to email


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"...I look forward to hiring more OSM grads in the future!"

"I feel that the OSM grads that I've interviewed showed an exceptional level of preparedness, professionalism, and confidence through the interview process and I look forward to hiring more OSM grads in the future!" - Dr. Abby Heppner, D.C.