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Admissions Coordinator

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Janet Burkhart, Admissions Coordinator

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Craniosacral Therapy: Level I

Sep 25-27 - PORTLAND
15CEs NCBTMB Approved - $325

Craniosacral Massage is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork developed by osteopathic physicians. Through freeing restrictions in the movements of the cranial bones and sacrum, CSM directly influences the central nervous system and the fascia. In this class, you will learn a protocol of techniques for releasing restrictions in the sutures of the skull as well as review how to feel for the Cranial Wave.
To register, please call 1-800-844-3420.

Polarity Therapy - II

Polarity Therapy
  • Sep 12-13
  • 16CEs - $335

This class deepens the knowledge of energy, the elements and our physical bodies presented in Polarity I.  Students will learn techniques to help clear stressful physical manifestations and strengthen the body.  We will discuss the spine as a central channel for bringing in soul energy, or our creative force. Learn about ....more on Polarity Therapy II
Call 1-800-844-3420 to register.

Soft Tissue for CCAs

Spine Model
September 13, 4CEs - NCBTMB Approved

Soft Tissue counts towards CCA and LMT continuing education. Learn palpation techniques suitable for work in a Chiropractic setting. ..more on Soft Tissue Intensive.
To register, please call 1-800-844-3420.