Reflecting On My Year at Oregon School of Massage
by Shannon Jackson, MS

In July  2015 I started a part-time position as Admissions Coordinator at Oregon School of Massage (OSM). The job involved interviewing and enrolling prospective students who wanted to become massage therapists.

I had my Masters in Education Leadership and Policy and had worked at a variety of student service jobs, but did not know anything about massage.

It was interesting learning about all of what drew students to the field and what they would have to learn in their OSM training…..along with getting familiar with the massage profession. What was really profound was what I learned about myself and the larger world of healthcare.

In addition to occasionally receiving  massage, I participated in a Communications class and a Massage Basics class. This gave me a life-changing sense of experiencing the immediate presence of myself and how that was part of my well-being.


As I now move on to a full-time position at Clark College, I know my life has been changed for the better. Massage will always be part of my healthcare, and I will be encouraging others to consider the same.

OSM, thank you for this experience.

Shannon Jackson, MS. Ed.

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