Effective July 1st 2019, the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists now requires new licensees and LMT renewals. The 1-hour module called “Changing the Conversation about Pain: Pain Care is Everyone’s Job” is from the Oregon Pain Management Commission(*). Existing LMTs need only to take the module once. The module is offered on-line at no cost. This is part of a larger effort to combat the opioid crisis and to educate health care professionals on ways to help patients better manage pain.

The one-hour module covers changing models for understanding pain, and a wholistic approach to managing it. The five domains to consider when addressing pain management with a patient. They are: Understanding Pain, Mood, Activity, Sleep and Nutrition. Helping patients to understand pain empowers them to take part in care. There is a greater emphasis on mood and an individual’s emotional wellness to help manage pain. Perhaps more understood are the influences of Activity, Sleep, and Nutrition on pain. The module offers some basic communication and activities for each domain to help manage pain. 

To get more information, contact the Oregon Board of Massage at 503-365-8657 or visit www.oregon.gov/obmt.
To take the module, visit the Oregon Pain Management Commission here:
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