This is the concluding Indonesian Travel Note from Marybetts Sinclair. Over the past few weeks Marybetts has been teaching, and learning, a variety of massage techniques in Indonesia and Bali. Undoubtedly her experiences will further enrich her pediatric massage teaching at Oregon School of Massage…and other locations around the United States. To learn more about her work visit her website:

Study pediatric massage with Marybetts in Zipolite, Mexico – January 23-27, 2012. For additional details email Ray Siderius  at Oregon School of Massage after July 1, 2011. Email:


Back Home
” At home again in Oregon I miss some of the lovely people I met in Indonesia, and of course the delicious food, but am extremely glad to be here for the beautiful spring flowers and leafy trees, clean air and refreshing spring showers. And bless all you great Oregonians! I am heartened to know that thousands of miles away in Jakarta, Bali, and many other locations in Indonesia, people are receiving and enjoying massage sessions (including those at Fifi’s Momnjo spas for children where I taught) I hope I have made a contribution to the important work of popularizing massage for children, and especially for children with special needs.

Massage, Everywhere Massage

One of my first massage teachers, Pamela Yeaton, LMT in Eugene, worked for the Peace Corps in Bangkok, Thailand as a massage therapist. After 4 years in this foreign country, Yeaton concluded that, just about anyplace in the entire world, there is likely to be a hands-on healer within about a 10-mile radius.  All over the world, massage is a treasured part of the human experience”.

Marybetts Sinclair, Corvallis LMT

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