Concert: Sunday, June 28, 2 pm,Clackamas, OR

Two recent Oregon School of Massage graduates are also professional musicians. Kathrina and Krista Bisceglia are members of a family music group, Whispering Roses. Featuring vocals and a variety of instruments they are known for their Celtic, classical and romantic music.

You can hear their group in concert this coming Sunday, June 28, 2-4 pm
Place: Crossroads Coffee Cafe, 250 Princeton Ave;, Clackamas, Oregon
Admission:  $5

Whispering Roses

“Mellow and sweet one moment and breaking into lively dance tunes the next, Whispering Roses creates a rich tapestry of Celtic sounds. This all-sibling band brings fresh life to Celtic music with a beautiful fusion of Celtic harp, piano, recorders, fiddle, guitar, and vocals.”

For their concert details, and a map, go to:

Find out more about Whispering Roses at:


OSM Friends,
Here are Kathrina and Krista entertaining guests at OSM graduation two weeks ago. They delighted their classmates, family and friends with musical skits about their massage school experiences.



We look forward to hearing more from them.

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