Liz Hoffman, Oregon LMT No. 24548

Liz Hoffman graduated from Oregon School of Massage in Summer of 2018. Her interest in massage began when she was a yoga instructor. Liz would notice people holding their bodies in ways that looked unnatural and she wanted to do more to help people. That’s when she realized that the missing link was Touch.

Shortly after she graduated, Liz opened Honeysuckle Healing in Corvallis. Liz assesses her client’s posture while they’re lying on the table. She believes it gives a truer picture rather than them being observed where they might hold themselves differently.

Integrative Approach

Growing from Swedish techniques, Liz incorporates hot stone, gua sha and cupping into her practice. She also likes to give ‘interactive’ massages where the client actively participates through both resistance and reciprocal inhibition stretching.

Personal illness and toxic interpersonal relationships drew her to the sacred and the taboo. Pain during intimacy caused her to look for help. After receiving pelvic floor work, Liz was amazed at how beneficial it was for her. She recently received an Integrative Pelvic Certification and began offering Yoni steaming with herbs as an addition to her practice.

“In my professional scope, I am always first of service to my fellow human. My goal is not to fix or help but to bring my wholeness to the present moment with the person I am serving with my knowledge and skills.”

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