Here is an interview with OSM Grad, Dave Cummings submitted by Massage Envy.

What prompted you to come into the profession in the first place?

“It’s actually my third career. First I was a painter who focused on large, elevated structures like bridges and storage tanks. The chemicals were brutal so I switched it up to carpentry. I did both residential homes and remodels. The industry was volatile, with fluctuations. Everything was long term and there wasn’t a sense of immediate gratification. In 2004, I turned to Massage. I like people and I am built for it. I went to Oregon School of Massage, listened to the introduction and decided to complete the program.”

What are the benefits of being / becoming an LMT?

● Inspirations about the nature of healing work
● Personal growth
● Your own health

“Immediate gratification is huge. It’s immediate feedback. Toughest part of the job is mentally staying in that room, and not thinking about bills or life.”

Who are your favorite types of clients? Why?

“Humans, like the more ornery client. Those who can’t hide their pain. At the end of a 90 minute session, they feel better. I also love ‘up’ clients, those who are positive thinkers. They bring nice energy into the room and I can feed off that energy. It’s not work. Both the client and I feel great when they walk out of the room. I don’t like working on vampires. They can suck the emotional energy out of the room.”

How would you describe your work environment?

“I’ve been at Massage Envy Sherwood for six years. Massage Envy is misunderstood by the industry. It really is a great place to get an opportunity to work on massive quantity of bodies to perfect your craft. Literally everything else is taken care of. If I was out on my own, I would need to be in sales or accounting in addition to the work I love. I am fortunate to have steady work. The Massage Envy environment is clean, supplied, and I get to work with great people, who are of like compassion and mind. We do bitch and moan, just like any other job.”

Any closing thoughts?

“Don’t overlook places like Massage Envy. Perception is that it’s a factory. It’s not. Where else can you come to work 1 day a week, part time for three hours? Don’t lack confidence due to the legal stuff. Be nice!”

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