Zero Balancing  – August 28 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm – Free

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on system of body/mind therapy which aligns energy and physical structure in the body.  Gentle and non-invasive, ZB works holistically to promote relaxation and quiet the mind.  It is excellent for relieving physical pain and emotional distress.

Zero Balancing is truly an East/West therapy.  Originated by osteopathic physician and acupuncturist Fritz Smith, M.D., ZB integrates Western understanding of body structure with Eastern concepts of energy and healing.

This short workshop will introduce touch skills and concepts unique to Zero Balancing.  Hands-on exercises will teach participants how to touch at interface – a comfortable form of touch with both clear connection and clear boundaries.

This is a free continuing education event, sponsored by the Oregon School of Massage as part of the Massage Connections program.  One C.E. hour for Oregon L.M.T.s.

To reserve a seat, please call 800-844-3420.

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2 Responses to Massage Connections: Bodywork Skills from Zero Balancing

  1. Dr Bhasin says:

    Great article on Zero Balancing. Aligning body and mind is important for well-being. It’s important to align the physical body with your inner energy for alleviating physical pain and emotional distress. Let me know when you have your next class.

    • Amy Stark says:

      Thank you, Dr. Bhasin! Our classes are scheduled on a quarterly basis and we can notify you by email when a new schedule is available. Would you like us to add you to our notification email list?