It’s not unusual for recipients of massage to talk about relaxation, easing of pain, or loosening of a stiff body. Sometimes, a massage evokes deep insights. Here is an example of such an experience; this poem was written by Candace Yusuf, a new employee at Oregon School of Massage, after her very first massage. 


The First Massage

In poised relaxation
I welcomed touch.
Strange hands, kneading
parts thought hardened,
past chance to heal.
I breathed in change,
unlocking memories
burdened, traumatic

  • I let go.

In strange hands full of compassion,
for me.
I released.

I released,
The passage of an hour recollecting
guided nurturing. 

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2 Responses to “The Many Meanings of Massage” – A Poem

  1. Rose Marie Leonardi says:

    A very beautifully worded description of your first massage.

  2. Tom Magnus says:

    It sounds and feels as though your nurturing massage continues through this beautiful passage. Thank You