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Growing in popularity, Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork promoting health and well being. Thai massage is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, as many of the poses and postures are similar to various forms of yoga. There is more rocking and pressing than Swedish massage which tends to use more stroking and kneading strokes. Because of the gentle nature of Thai massage, it is a good introduction to those new to bodywork therapies. It is also great for experienced receivers, the elderly or infirm clients.

There are a number of Salem area therapists who specialize in Thai massage. Clients can expect to pay $50-$90 for a session which may last 1-3 hours. Clients remain clothed and no oils are used during the massage which is usually performed on a large floor mat, or sometimes massage table.

Thai massage has many benefits for the practitioner as well as client. Simple concepts of good body mechanics such as having a neutral spine, maintaining proper balance, joint alignment plus intentional breathing make for a healthful meditative experience for both client and practitioner. Many therapists assert they achieve as much of a calming and energizing effect as a giver.

Thai massage is a component of Thai medicine, a 2500 year old method of natural healing that combines influences from Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian cultures. Thai medicine is composed of several branches which include herbal medicine, food cures and nutrition, spiritual practices and the manual therapies of Thai massage.

The term Thai massage translates from the expression nuad bo’rarn. “Nuad” means to touch with intention, while “bo’rarn” means ancient, sacred or revered. The key concept of “metta” in Thai Massage comes from Buddhist philosophy and translates as “loving kindness”. These give a hint at the depth of healing presented in Thai massage.

In the Thai model, energy flows through the body via pathways called sen. Each pathway contains many specific points known as nadis. Thai massage is a gentle interactive therapy where the therapist uses palms, thumbs and feet to apply acupressure and stretching to facilitate free flow of energy along these pathways to promote improved balance and health.

In the Thai model, many major energy pathways originate in the abdominal area. A typical session may emphasize gentle abdominal work to encourage health and vitality throughout the body. Thai massage in intent on working slowly to promote mindfulness. This serves to better engage the client as well as making the practitioner aware of discomfort or resistance the client is holding.

Oregon School of Massage will present a free Thai Massage demonstration on Friday, October 4th from 6:30-8:30PM. Participants are also welcome to the attend the Thai Massage – Level I class, which continues Sat-Sun 9am-5pm. Tuition is $375.

The Level I course is extracted from the full Southern-style Kata, and provides the student with a holistic session lasting 40 to 50 minutes. This short form uses all five body positions and focuses primarily on compressions and passive Yoga stretches. The emphasis of this class is on good body mechanics; you will learn to move the client effortlessly and “heal yourself while helping those you touch.” The course is certified by the Thai Healing Alliance International. Prerequisite: None

David Weitzer, LMT, the instructor, has studied extensively in Asia and taught Thai massage for over ten years.

To register or obtain additional information contact:
Jason Aguayo
Oregon School of Massage

or the OSM Portland office at 503-244-3420 (or 800-844-3420)

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