Class Adventure

Breitenbush was a special experience for me. It was warm, welcoming and inclusive, as with all things OSM-related. It took about a week for me to fully process its effects, because the weekend was so regimented and full of activities. We were busy! I wish it had been longer, that would give more time to enjoy the springs and mountains, and to relax and process the events of the weekend.

Personal Experience

Some people had a life-changing experience, while for others it reaffirmed their rigid belief systems – I fall somewhere in between! I already lean more towards the nature loving, vegetarian, new-age-y, communal-work-life side of things. Therefore, being completely without cell phone or internet and eating full vegetarian was not a big leap for me.


In a world focused on the daily grind, it’s nice to step outside of that and be immersed in nature and hands-on bodywork. Breitenbush is a great setting for working on strangers for the first time. It’s a safe, peaceful environment for this somewhat nerve-wracking experience. To get the most out of it, put aside your presuppositions and stay open-minded. Remember that you’re surrounded by loving people and don’t forget to laugh!


Article by Holly Steucke.

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