640-Hour Massage Certificate: Eastern Focus

Eastern Massage is a bodywork style with roots in Asian cultures. Our Eastern track teaches students Shiatsu, a Japanese form of massage based on Classical Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure”, and uses the techniques of compression, rocking, stretching and percussion.

The purpose of Shiatsu is to balance the flow of energy in the body, achieving many of the same benefits as Western-style massage. Clients remain fully clothed and no lubricants are used in a Shiatsu session. In addition to a foundation in Western massage, Eastern track students focus on learning the Shiatsu form and basic principles of Classic Chinese Medicine to apply in daily living.

640-Hour Shared Core Curriculum

Shared Core classes are those that are taken by students pursuing either the Western or Eastern Focus program.

Health SciencesHours
Anatomy & Physiology I30
Anatomy & Physiology II30
Anatomy & Physiology III30
Kinesiology Upper Body30
Kinesiology Lower Body30
Pathology I30
Pathology II30
Massage Fundamentals45
Massage Theory14
Massage Upper Body30
Massage Lower Body30
Palpation Skills15
Shiatsu I30
Practice Development
Communication and Ethics30
Business of Massage15
Advanced Practice Skills40

640-Hour Eastern Focus Curriculum

The courses below are unique to the Eastern Focus program.

Shiatsu II30
Shiatsu Short Form Clinic 45
Shiatsu Short Form Tutorial 3
Bodywork/Business Electives75
Total – 640 Hours

Massage Training Previews

Previews help you make a sound decision about choosing a career in massage by outlining the time, finances and energy needed for training. Oregon licensing and career opportunities are discussed. There is no cost to attend.

Next Dates:
Thursday, April 27: 6:30-8:30pm - SALEM
Saturday, April 29: 10am-12pm - PORTLAND

To reserve a seat, contact:
PORTLAND - Nicole Spears, 800-844-3420 or  E-mail
SALEM - Janet Burkhart, 877-588-8912 or  E-mail

Clinic Call-In


March 23rd, 9am - PORTLAND
March 31st, 8:30am - SALEM

To sign up for student Clinic massages, please call the campus of your choice. The cost is $35 for a one hour Swedish massage.

PORTLAND - 503-892-5753
SALEM - 503-585-8912