Update 12/22/16: Winter 2017 Ethics courses listed below!

As of July 1, 2016, the new Oregon Massage CE requirements have gone into effect. What does this mean for you? If you are due to renew after July 1, 2016, you will need the following:

  • 25 Continuing Education Hours.
  • Of the 25 hours, at least 15 continuing education hours must be Contact Hours
    • (actual hours in class under the instruction and in the physical presence of an Instructor or an interactive distance learning course)
  • 4 Contact Hours must be in Professional Ethics, Boundaries, or Communication.

Please click here for the approved Oregon Massage CE rules.

OSM offers the following courses that include content intended to fulfill the Professional Ethics, Boundaries and Communication requirement. Please note that all hours count towards Contact Continuing Education for Oregon & Washington LMTs.

To register for the following classes, please call 503-244-3420.

Ethical Boundary Setting 4WellsPortland01/07/2017Sat 9am-1pm$90
Statutes 6ZermerSalem01/31/2017-02/07/2017Tue 6:30-9:30pm$110
Power of Conscious Engagement 4Welton-MillerPortland02/07/2017Tue 9am-1pm$85
Feelings in the Body 4Welton-MillerPortland02/08/2017Wed 9am-1pm$85
Statutes 6SolsengPortland03/01/2017-03/08/2017Wed 6:30-9:30pm$110
Ethical Boundary Setting 4WellsPortland03/20/2017Mon 5-9pm$90
  • Ethical Boundary Setting

    Course Hours: 4
    Description: This interactive workshop addresses a variety of relational situations where boundary setting is needed with clients and clarifies what is needed in various dual relationships. The goal of the class is to obtain clarity in your professional boundaries and devise ways to communicate them to avoid ethical dilemmas. We will explore confidentiality, transference, client attraction, emotional triggering, friendships, business and energetic boundaries.
    Prerequisites:  Comm/Ethics or LMT
    Instructor: Wells

  • Heart Centered Ethics – Part I

    Course Hours: 6
    This engaging workshop is intended to provide a didactic model for appropriate use of power that is inherent in helping relationships. We will focus on Informed and Conscious Use of Power as well as Accountable and Wise Use of Power. We will explore our personal reactions to ethics, personal relationship to power, power differentials inherent in being an LMT, personal power preferences, and explore the impact of ethical mistakes we have experienced. For more information about the method and concepts, go to www.rightuseofpower.com. (NCBTMB Approved)
    Prerequisites:  Communication/Ethics or LMT
    Instructor: Ireland

  • Power of Conscious Engagement

    Course Hours: 4
    Description: Each moment, the choices we make and how we respond have a powerful impact in our relationships both personally and professionally.  Creating an empowered life depends on our ability to consciously and authentically engage with ourselves and others.   In this experiential class we will be using the Karpman drama triangle to explore how we lose our power by playing the rescuer, blamer or victim.  From this compassionate self-discovery process you will learn practical ways to shift from drama to awareness and communicate with more integrity and clarity.
    Prerequisites: None
    Instructor: Welton-Miller

  • Feelings in the Body

    Course Hours: 4
    Description: Emotions, health and the body are all interdependent. Research shows that emotions are in every cell of the body, affecting your emotional and physical state. The body does not lie. It holds the key to information that can answer questions about your life and body. This can greatly help the reduction of stress and tension in the body. As a bodyworker you can help your client pay attention to emotions that may be in the body. In the class learn body awareness techniques to get in touch with the emotions stored. Learn how to be present with these emotions and with your clients when they have emotions.
    Prerequisites:  None
    Instructor: Welton-Miller

  • MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification

    Course Hours: 32
    Description: Pregnancy is a unique 9-month experience accompanied by physical adaptations of posture, pelvic floor, low back and breasts and leading to a variety of musculo-skeletal complaints. In the MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Training, you’ll gain respect for in this potent rite of passage, while learning advanced manual therapy techniques to address common pregnancy concerns including sacro-iliac joint pain, leg cramps, uterine ligament spasms, and headaches. Gain confidence with draping and positioning, recognize the difference between pregnancy massage myths and real precautions, and offer effective deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, myofascial, and other bodywork techniques that address client’s shifting needs from conception to birth. This training includes 4 hours of Communication and Ethics relating to pregnancy massage and a 1.5 hour supervised pregnancy massage clinic. Students who demonstrate proficiency in clinic, and pass a written test will receive the MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Certification. This class is part of the Maternity Massage Certificate Program.
    Prerequisites: Massage – Upper and Lower Body or equivalent (min 200 hours of training)
    Instructor: Stager

  • Advanced Bodywork for Women’s Health

    Course Hours: 14
    Description: Utilizing various bodywork techniques, including cranial-sacral therapy, acupressure, scar tissue work, myofascial release, Swedish massage we address women’s health concerns as follows:  Abdominal Massage: Abdominal massage helps support intestinal peristalsis, respiratory diaphragm release, reduction of scar tissue, and centering and rooting into one’s core.Bodywork for the Womb and Pelvic Organs: Learn to palpate uterus and ovaries, round ligaments, and other pelvic structures and apply deep and subtle abdominal techniques to help nourish and mobilize the womb, increase circulation and address infertility, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, mild organ prolapse, adhesions. Bodywork for the Sacrum/Pelvis: Techniques to enhance mobility, balance, and comfort to sacro-iliac joint, sacrum, pelvic floor attachments. Communication and ethical considerations for this work are covered in 4 hours of this class.
    Prerequisites: LMT or instructor approval
    Instructor: Stager

  • Mind Body Connection – Hakomi

    Course Hours: 3
    NCBTMB Approved Course:Yes
    Hakomi is a body-oriented emotional therapy using the bodymind connection to bring core psychological beliefs to conscious awareness. This session gives an overview and some experience with the method including appropriate communication and boundaries to create a safe environment.
    Prerequisites: None
    Instructor: Ireland

  • Hakomi – Tapping into the Body Wisdom

    Course Hours: 6
    NCBTMB Approved Course:Yes
    We will be exploring how to elicit the wisdom of the body as a way of guiding the massage. We will develop a trust for body wisdom through exercises designed from the Hakomi principles of Mindfulness, Unity, Organicity, Mind Body Wholism and Non-violence. This is not a class about doing therapy, but rather a class to deepen bodywork. Students learn to establish clear boundaries of scope of practice and to recognize and communicate the body-mind connection. Although not required, it would be helpful to attend the Mind Body Connection introduction.
    Prerequisites: Massage Fundamentals or equivalent
    Instructor: Ireland


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3 Responses to Oregon Massage Ethics, Boundaries and Communication Requirement

  1. Leah says:

    Does the pregnancy Massage certification class count towards the communication and ethics hours? The class certainly includes significant relevant training! Thanks 🙂

    • Amy Stark says:

      Hi Leah! I’m working on getting you an answer to the number of hours covered in that class. I’ll update this article with that information once it is available.


  2. Amy Stark says:

    Hi Leah & Readers –

    Ethics is now in the course description for the Prenatal Bodywork Certification training. This training includes 4 hours of Communication and Ethics relating to pregnancy massage

    We are also adding it to Advanced Bodywork for Women’s Health.

    Amy Stark, Director of Student & Faculty Services