The gift is in your hands – learn to use it at OSM.

We offer massage and bodywork courses for aspiring massage therapists, licensed professionals and the general public. We believe what a therapist communicates through their touch, combined with knowledge of the body and presence, can make the difference between a basic massage and a truly healing experience. Explore our website to discover how we incorporate this philosophy to train well-rounded therapists.

  • "I totally credit my success (at wellness clinic) to your excellent curriculum and knowledgeable instructors." L.M. (2007 Graduate)

  • "Since beginning courses...I have come to appreciate another factor about OSM. It has a special atmosphere of inclusiveness and acceptance." CG (2008 Graduate)

  • "All the instructors and staff are genuinely caring, compassionate and understanding, and all of my classmates are so down to earth and non-judgmental." NG (2010 Graduate)

Pregnancy Massage Classes

Oregon School of Massage is proud to offer extensive training in bodywork and massage for Pregnancy, Birth, and New Mothering. Learn from Leslie Stager RN, LMT, a leading pregnancy massage expert, author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy, and producer of MotherTouch DVDs. With her 60-hour MotherTouch Maternity Massage Certification program, you can become a skilled pre and perinatal massage specialist, adding a repertoire of advanced techniques to support your perinatal clientele. More on …Maternity Massage Certification.
Pregnancy: Essentials April 25-27, 23CEs - $575
Pregnancy: Advanced Techniques May 3, 7.5CEs - $175
Pregnancy: New Mother May 4, 7.5CEs - $175
Pregnancy & Acupressure for Birth May 5, 4CEs - $100
Portland Campus.
Call 1-800-844-3420 to register.

Therapeutic Stretching - Lower Body

Therapeutic Stretching - Lower Body

May 10, 8CEs - SALEM
Muscle energy techniques (MET) have been called "active muscular relaxation techniques" and give us gentle, yet powerful tools for working with clients with injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction. METs are particularly effective with .. more on Therapeutic Stretching-Lower Body. To register, please call 1-800-844-3420.

Celebrate With Us!

30 YearsIn 2014, OSM is celebrating our 30th year of promoting health through quality touch. Over 1500 students have graduated with a massage education that addresses the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Stay in touch for more 30th anniversary celebration information.
The Power of Your Presence

The Power of Your Presence

May 5, $65, 3CEs - PORTLAND
To be fully present is to connect with what is happening in the moment. It creates vividness and clarity of experience, often bringing intuitive thoughts and an enlivening experience in the body and heart. Problems in the body and psyche can persist until ... more on Power of Presence. To register, please call 1-800-844-3420.